How you can get involved

How you can get involved MindfieldV December 30, 2021
Help us make a difference in the lives of survivors of gender based violence, trafficking and prostitution. You can do so by donating your time, money, goods, buying our products or just by spreading word about our work.
Please donate.

1. Toiletries

2. Clothing and shoes

3. Non perishable foods

4. Stationary

5. Cooking utensils, cutlery, crockery ...

Please kindly note that we aim to give quality, new or gently used items to uplift and heal.

Buy ourproducts
Support our social enterprise by shopping our culinary products that was developed and produced by the Vheneka culinary students.
Help us by donating
Apply for a Vheneka
Help us to make a difference ...

Volunteer at Vheneka

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