Mandela Day Preparation Ethel July 10, 2019
Mandela Day Preparation

Culinary professor Pauline Koen showing 10 women a receipe for Chocolate Cupcakes which will be later prepared for Mandela Day. The rooms are filled with the smell of cupcakes here at Vheneka as we prepare for Mandela Day.

Vheneka is a non-profit organization who collaborates with community partners in order to secure materials, ingredients, and financial support. Due to our dependence on the local community for aide, Vheneka has decided to give back this Mandela Day. Specifically, we will be delivering cupcakes to the SOS Children’s Villages.

SOS Children’s Villages supports vulnerable children who are in need of a home, a mother, and a family. With SOS close by, it is a wonderful organization to demonstrate Vheneka’s emphasis on community progress. We hope that as we grow as a non-profit, that those around us can be simultaneously uplifted. This will ensure continual community solidarity and support in the future. Giving back is our way of saying thank you to our partners and neighbors!

We hope to uplift the children by donating a tasty treat, as well as uplift the women by giving them the opportunity to serve their first baked goods. In the past week, the women received an introductory lesson on baking skills and ingredients. Yesterday, they were able to make their own batch of chocolate cupcakes alone. While we are focusing on the upcoming event, this is also a challenge for the women to grow their skills. With more preparation to come, Vheneka will ensure the best quality cupcakes for Mandela Day.

On Mandela Day, we will be presenting over 100 cupcakes to SOS. This will include a significant amount of culinary preparation leading up to and on the day of. During the day, we hope to honor Nelson Mandela and his love for community service. We also hope to support and connect with SOS Children’s Villages more closely.

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