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Is Hunter Biden really working for Team Trump?! America’s Political Class Loves to Blame Other Nations for Election Interference to Cover Up Electoral Rigging and Theft by the Major Parties, Dr. Carrie Madej with Dr. Andrew Kaufman speak about on vaccines, hydrogel and secret government programs (Video), NWO Globalists Aiming COVID-19 Bioweapon at the Republican Leadership, President Trump Speaks Directly to the American People (Video), Check out this explosion of super-pigs occurring nationwide, REMEMBER THIS DEBATE MO: Interrupt and Accuse, District Judge Orders Justice Department to Release Parts of the Mueller Report. Will the geoengineers slam the Texas-Louisiana coastline and nations’s oil refining capacity with a Cat. Pelosi Preposterously Proposes New Committee on Presidential Fitness.

Here’s how the cultural marxists have destroyed America since 1963. How does a former FBI director write a highly detailed book about the same events he can’t remember when being questioned by Congress?
5G Radiation Is Ecocide & Genocide Crime Against Humanity (Video), Military Insiders Warn of Massive Military Buildup on US-Canadian Border Assisted by Chinese Sub! Trump Sends Powerful Message to COVID-19 Hoaxsters, ‘I Feel So Powerful … I’ll Kiss Everybody’ — Trump Trolls the Covid Criminal Cabal, COVID LOCKDOWN CRIME WAVE: The Naked Crime Against Humanity Has Been Exposed, COVID-19 Vaccine Utilizes Nano Tech to Greatly Advance Transhuman Agenda, California Medical Doctor Cures Over 1700 Patients with COVID Using Hydroxychloroquine (Video), Operation Warp Speed is Using a CIA-Linked Contractor to Keep Covid-19 Vaccine Contracts Secret.

Dr. Carrie Madej Warns About Coronavirus Vaccines and Transhumanism Nanotechnology to Alter Your DNA (Video), Is this very smart lady George Carlin’s sister?! Here are the Hunter Biden emails where connections to Daddy Biden are being to boost Burisma pay, PSYCHOTRONIC WEAPONS & GANGSTALKING Must Be Terminated, Twitter and Facebook Goes All In With The Biden Campaign. SCUTTLEBUTT: Hunter Biden’s Laptop Had Child Porn On It. Was this hot mic that picked up John Roberts’ Covid comments done on purpose?! ‘Government are using a Covid-19 test with undeclared false positive rates.’ — Former, It’s now a Lion versus a Donkey and an Elephant. Now the world knows why the globalists launched a color revolution against Belarussian President Alexander Lukashenko. Even the inventor of the PCR test emphasized it could not be used to detect a virus! This was the Democrat SCOTUS sabotage strategy all along! (Video). Why is SoS Pompeo not releasing the Clinton emails?

! This is why not-so-merry England and stoic Russia have always existed like oil and water. The alleged Whitmer attempted ‘kidnappers’ attended BLM rally and called Trump a tyrant. Hunter Biden’s Business Associate Totally Flips, Rats Out His Ex-Partner, INTIMIDATION AT THE BALLOT BOX: “Attempted Robbery” in Baltimore, Biden Flips Out Simply Because of an MSM “Hunter Biden” Question. Who knew that Critical Race Theory is a classic communist divide and conquer strategy? No More POTUS debates in 2020, Alberta Health Act (Canada): Mandatory Vaccination (Video), Turkey’s warmongering against Artsakh (and Armenia) is about Erdogan’s conquest of the Caucasus.

And, in such great spirits!?!
Here’s the Democrat’s strategy to sabotage the Senate SCOTUS confirmation process! 3 BIG Reasons Why Democrats Are Push the Lockdown and Quarantine. Is the Turkish threat of aggression against Armenia signaling a second Armenian genocide?

WEATHER WARFARE IN THE GULF: Is Hurricane Delta yet another geoengineered weather weapon aimed at the conservative Deep South?? Rochester’s Corrupt Mayor Indicted for Felony Finance Fraud. Something tells us a LOT more senators will catch the corona to prevent the SCOTUS confirmation vote. Leaked Video Exposes Kamala In Child Murder Scheme, Kamala Harris Launched Fierce Vendetta Against Journalist Who Exposed Fetal Body Part Trafficking. by Tom Pappert. Johns Hopkins study suggests medical errors are third-leading cause of death in U.S. POTUS Assassination Threats: 4 Human Teams, One Domestic Scalar Electromagnetic Energy Hit (Video). Is the US government really going after truth speaker John McAfee on tax avoidance charges? Does anyone in the USA realize that this is the root cause of free-fall collapse?! “I Wanted It Out Of My Shop” — Hunter Biden’s laptop repair shop, Looking for solutions? GROUNDBREAKING! “Biden created 1 job in 47 years. George Soros Offers Kamala Harris His Rousing Endorsement, Even the BBC hints that the Beirut blast was a nuclear explosion. Here’s the entire COVID-19 Roadmap to Create a Totalitarian, A Duluth MN Physician Dissects the Propaganda Campaign Associated with OPERATION COVID-19, COVID-19 Swab Test Proves Again to be DANGEROUS and UNSAFE.

Biden now believes his obviously fake poll numbers so much he’s claiming he can only lose by GOP theft! Look at these utterly fake COVID-19 case numbers! Why is the DHS warning about an EMP attack? VIDEO: Tucker Carlson Unveils CHAZ Tourism Campaign, ‘The Anarchist Utopia You Never Knew You Needed’ A tourism campaign has been started for the landlocked, 6-block nation nestled in downtown Seattle. Understanding the PCR Test, is the KEY! Are the President’s enemies carrying out a coup? This Caucasus hot spot is the hottest spot on planet Earth! The below political satire video was posted by Meme Zone: ©This political satire is republished with permission. Brave former Australian Senator exposes the Davos ‘Great Reset’ crime spree. (Video), Turkey’s Warmongering Role in the Armenian-Azerbaijani War, Madrid Enforces Emergency Measure Even After Court Rejects Lockdown, Brain Damage From Masks CANNOT BE REVERSED, Alachua, Florida Resident Hits County with HUGE List of Covid Crimes, Here’s who really funding the Left’s color revolution against the Trump administration, Cultural Marxists Continue to Destroy Portland, Topple Statues of Teddy Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln. Here’s the real COUP KLUTZ KLAN terrorizing America today! How dare the POTUS recover so quickly! “Where is the coronavirus? “You know, all of NBC is never Trump. So LGBTQ is now a “protected” class according to Supreme Court, but conservatives are ROUTINELY discriminated against and have no protections? GUTHRIEgate: Savannah Guthrie proves to be MSM Hitwoman, lashes out like a Democrat debater instead of moderator! WHO (Accidentally) Confirms Covid is No More Dangerous Than Flu, Really, “life will return to normal only after SECOND generation of Covid vaccines!”. (Video).

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(Video), Globalists Pouring Multi-Millions into SC Senate Race to Unseat Graham, Obama Lied About ‘Russia Collusion Hoax’ — Former Acting Director of National Intelligence, HURRICANE DELTA TELEMETRY ACCIDENTALLY CAPTURED A TOP SECRET MILITARY LASER TEST OVER US MAINLAND (Video). Jesuit Anti Truth Conference Held at St. Peter’s University by Dr. Barna Donovan Triggers Explosive Student Pushback, Hunter Biden Emails Exposes Treason Scandal — Former CIA Officer, Oneness vs. the 1%: Shattering Illusions, Seeding Freedom, NBC’s Chuck Todd Shamelessly Lies Right Through the Entire Gretchen Whitmer Interview. Here’s why—. Look at how the MSM is outright lying about the largest retirement community in the USA. The DrRichSwier.com is a not-for-profit news forum for intelligent Conservative commentary. Video: Rioters Try To Vandalize A Man’s Truck After He Threw Out A Smoke Grenade – The Driver Uses His Second Amendment Rights To Stop Them. Biden Lied About Burisma Influence, Smoking Gun Email Says It All, Colorado Democratic Committee Member Caught on Video: “Guillotines, Motherf*cker”, Pelosi Melts Down In Living Color During Prime Time (Video). Everyone needs to be prepared! (Video), President Obama Calls Michelle “Michael” During Major Speech (Video), What are Maskers like Tom Hanks, Gaga, Fauci, Nancy Pelosi & JoJo Hiding from You?

FBI Director Chris Wray Proves to be a Treasonous, OCTOBER SURPRISE!

Why is Turkey militarily supporting attacks on the Armenian civilian population? Why did the Rothschilds patent Covid biometric test in 2015 and 2017? Did these 2 British royals leave the UK and come to the USA to explicitly interfere in the POTUS election? That’s the opening line of a new “Welcome to CHAZ” tourism video created by “Benny on the Block” in association with Turning Point USA. Devin Nunes Unloads on FBI, Intel Community and DoJ over Corruptions and Lies on Trump Russia Hoax (Video), Epic scale of California wildfires continues to grow. (Video), How the Elite Use Information Warfare to Manipulate You (Video), Ever Wonder How The Elite Really Stay In Power. Yes, it’s gonna get ugly—VERY UGLY! A Florida Cooperation. Here’s how the Bolsheviks ran their reign of terror in Russia! This is what happens when the Democrats go totally ‘coup coup’! Massive Resistance Growing Across the USA as Angry Constitutional Sheriffs Meet in Virginia, Powerful Group of International Attorneys suing Germany over patently inaccurate COVID-19 tests. (Video), WOW! This is how the #MeToo Movement is on total SELF-DESTRUCT! Here’s Why Russia Was Deliberately Encircled by the Western Powers? Tyrannical Technocracy to Monitor All COVID-19 Vaccines Recipients for up to 2 years! Check out some of the best scenes from CHAZ: We do know that toilets are optional, since people can just crap in the streets: Affordable housing, too! Finally, someone inside the Beltway said it! Are you sick of your freedoms, and rights, and security, and due process? COVID-19 didn’t push the 150 million into extreme poverty, globalist governments did. All rights reserved. The CDC says it isn’t available.”, OPERATION COVID-19 Hits the Proverbial Wall.

Oh, Nancy Pelosi prays for Trump alright … except she neglected to tell us this is how! NYC Getting Looted as Shoplifting Mobs Have Free-for-all Without Fear of Prosecution—WHY? Will the federal law enforcement agencies finally release all Russiagate hoax documents that Trump has declassed?


Is CIA Director Gina Haspel a coup co-conspirator? Why was Joe Biden wearing black contact lenses during the debate? Listen to what a Neurologist/Neurophysiologist PhD in Pharmacology says about the harmful effects of mask-wearing on the brain!

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