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I simply sat down.

Seriously, you are like 100 yards from the top of Vail Pass.”  What?

The path up from Copper follows a creek. Breath.

Rest area on Interstate 70 on the east side of Vail Pass. We would pedal as fast as we could past the houses with the dogs that loved to chased us.

We stretched, got a snack and water, and agreed that we felt pretty good at this point.

Carry rain and cold weather gear.

They didn’t want to deplete local resources.

Hop on the trail here and take the paved trail to the summit.  Be cautious, however, as the trail immediately for a very short while and passes under I-70.  The left hand turn after the underpass is brutal.  You are already going slow (or should be) and you are faced with the steepest climb trail.  It’s less than 300 yards in length, but if you are not expecting it, it will stop you in your tracks.   After the short steep climb, it’s about four and a half miles of riding along in the high alpine air.  At times the trail adjoins the interstate, but, for the most past, you are on your own among the high alpine foliage.  The grade does back off for the last two to three miles and allows you nice easy access to the Vail/Shrine pass rest stop. Along this stretch of the trail the rider can stop and sit by one of the many beautiful mountain lakes, lounge by the stream, or visit a historic mine. There are, however, two alternate routes I want to talk about: the Copper Triangle and Shrine Pass.  First, the Copper Triangle… three passes, 78 miles and just under 6000 feet of climbing.    Starting at Copper Mtn., head south CO 91 up Fremont pass (11,318 ft).  And then down to Leadville.  From Leadville, it’s CO 24 over Tennessee Pass (10,424) down to I-70.  The climb up TN pass from the south is fairly easy as you are already near 10k in Leadville (comparable to the ease of Vail Pass from Copper Mtn), but, you must also cross Battle Mtn before you reach 70, which is a significant speed bump, but is not to be overly concerning.   From 70, a combination of road and trails will take you back to Copper over Vail pass.  I’ve done this route a few times and loved it…  It was a long day for me but worth it.  Enjoy the long downhill biking fun of Colorado's Vail Pass! “It’s only a hill, get over it.”  I was chuckling to myself as I repeated that quote from Tim Badger over and over in my head.

It does have a steady incline with unbelievable scenery.

I thought I had worked as hard as I could and was willing to sit down and call it quits. Single Child Day Bike Pass | $50.

Our shuttle will take you from Breckenridge to the top of Vail Pass where you will be able to ride down the paved bike path that meanders down the scenic mountain pass. All pages Copyright©2007-2009 Mark Andrysiak- Sale, Distribution, or any use other than personal without written consent is strictly prohibited.  You may copy and download PDF files for personal use only. Evans next (OK, maybe I exaggerate a bit). Please note, that this is a shared use trail, so be sure to be courteous to the hikers and skaters also using this trail.  The descent back to Copper is quick, but be sure to watch your speed, you don’t have too much pavement to work with. 

It’s true that I set a goal, trained, worked out, and mentally prepared for the journey. Also called the Vail Pass Bike Path, Vail Pass Trail is a wonderful paved way with fantastic scenery that anyone should not miss when in Colorado- it offers both adventure and serenity in one! Since 1988, our commitment to providing guests with friendly, professional service has earned Charter Sports the Platinum Service Award.

It provides the route of Interstate 70 (and earlier U.S. Highway 6) between the upper basins of the Eagle River and the Blue River, both tributaries of the Colorado River. A bike path parallels I-70 from Vail Colorado to the Copper Mountain Ski Area and is the only pass in Colorado with a paved bike path on both sides for the entire distance. We decided early on that we would only be happy if we earned the ride … by riding up the entire path. More ride time less play time.

No problem: rent bikes, helmets, and other gear from the Vail Sports locations in Vail Village and Lionshead or one of many other local shops. He amazes me. The pass was not a traditional historical route of the Rockies. VAIL PASS BIKE PATH Holy Cross Ranger District 24747 US Hwy 24 P.O.

If you need to stop, move off the trail.

Title: Vail Pass Bike …

I laid my bike down, collapsed in the grass, closed my eyes, and tried to catch my breath. As we cycled into Copper Village, we took a moment to rest. Mountain View Sports in Keystone Colorado offers bike trips down the incredible Vail Pass all summer and into the fall. My legs were on fire. Vail Pass is definitely one of the crown jewels in Colorado’s extensive system of bike paths.

Option available with bike rental $55 for the adults and $41 for the kids. Then there are these short sections of 8% grades. First, the great mountain views of the Ten-Mile Range and Copper Mountain ski area are breath-taking … no pun intended. Gosh, I hope I don’t die here. Most riders plan on 4 to 6 hours to do other activities along the way. [7] During the winter months the area hosts backcountry skiing and snowmobile activities.

Though our vintage bikes were heavy and hard to pedal, we didn’t care.

My lungs were burning.

I thought of how they created beautiful intricate beadwork and fringe on their clothing, crafted beautiful pottery, and shaped working tools. Between Frisco and Copper, the path is relatively flat. In 1940, the construction of U.S. Highway 6 bypassed Shrine Pass in favor of the current route to the valley of Gore Creek.[5][6]. Most that participate in this trip will stop at Copper Mountain and take a scenic chairlift ride, play miniature golf, scale the rock climbing wall, ride go carts, visit shops in the village, have a … Why do this kind of trip? I want to be that teacher who comes back to help the struggling student. “I don’t have any more up left. Today was forecasted to be warm, sunny, and a perfect day for this dream to become a reality. A 1,600 foot climb through Copper Village would lead us to Vail Pass at 10,662’ where we would rest and turn around.

The 12 mile coasting bike trip on paved trail from the top of Vail Pass through Copper Mountain Resort ending in the town of Frisco This trip is perfect for families and folks that want spectacular views without much pedaling. Vail Pass is definitely one of the crown jewels in Colorado’s extensive system of bike paths.

Black Gore Creek, a tributary of Gore Creek, in the watershed of the Eagle, descends from the north side of the pass towards the town of Vail. Earlier that morning, I was happy and smiling. A little more effort, even when it seems impossible, can make all the difference.

Jim appeared on the trail from behind the boulder. [8] This route leads to several other bike paths in Summit County. The western side of this pass is every bit as fascinating as the eastern side.  Whether you are riding alongside I-70 with only a plastic orange fence keeping the trucks at bay, are tooling along on a well maintained trail, or are reveling in the exclusive use of a road now closed to auto traffic, the scenery is ever changing and the ride exhilarating. 

Jim must have reached the summit by now. We talked about how riders can choose to shuttle their bikes to the top of the pass and ride down. Shuttle Cost: $29 adults $19 kids 12 & under. I didn’t even have the energy to walk my bike past the nearby boulder and get back on the trail again. I worked out, visualized this ride in my spin classes, and researched the trail. Vail Beaver Creek Summer Season Pass | $309 .

The east side of the pass can be cool in the shade of the morning. This path, though, was special and known for beautiful 360° scenery. I was in a great mood. We had done a little over 14 miles and 1660 vertical feet of pure up. We had acclimated to the altitude over the past several days by riding the paths to Breckenridge, Dillon, and Keystone. I finished putting on my riding gear and checked over my bike.
I was certain I could get over this hill – or at least, pretty sure I could make it. If you are a novice or an advanced bike rider, we have a something for everyone.

It’s a great lesson to learn and an even better lesson to put into practice. So far, we road 6 miles and climbed 550’ vertical.

Don't block it. More ride time less playtime. I looked forward to hearing what it was like for him to be at the top of the pass. While it was still up to me to complete this ride, his encouragement changed the outcome of my journey. Uncover Colorado - Vacations, Travel & Tourism | Sitemap | Privacy Policy | Disclaimer.

You get the idea. One can ride via trail or bike route from Beaver Creek to Breckenridge/Frisco/Dillon.  It’s easy, fun, and will allow you to get up close with Colorado.  The ride is easy and allows you plenty of access to services when you need them.  Copper, Vail, Minturn, Beaver Creek, in the heart of ski country, allow you access to plenty of food, water, and lodging. Our Vail Pass bike shuttle is the best way to experience Summit County during the summer months. I didn’t have any more up in me. I was done. Vail Beaver Creek Week Bike Pass | $120 . Without realizing it, I had given up one minute away.

Be the person who comes back to let others know that more is possible – even when it doesn’t seem so.

I was in their presence here. I wonder how often in my life I have done that.

I’m done.”  Exhausted and disappointed, I had unsuccessfully tried my best to summit Vail Pass, but it just wasn’t my day.

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