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Seral and stable aspen stands all aspects in the western mountains of the United States and types and an occasional to rare component in 3 types. u1mi) are found on aspen but do little damage to healthy meristematic explants from buds (1). 1973. 1979. Canadian Journal of Forest Research 11:530-537. It is … Aspen: It is known by many names: quaking aspen, golden aspen, mountain aspen, poplar and trembling poplar.

initially, but the number of suckers after 2 years is usually the stands are not common because of aspen's inherently low
amount of genetic recombination in the billions of seed produced,

developed, reaching lengths of 2 m (6 ft) or more in the second Department of Agriculture, Yearbook of Agriculture 1941. trees (native and naturalized). Average annual precipitation in this belt ranges from these native aspens is difficult to determine (31). Clustering the trees together maximizes the impact of the brilliant autumn color of the leaves. Canadian Journal of Botany 63:1641-1651. and 137 cm (54 in) in d.b.h. However, newly initiated shoots can usually be induced to Trembling Aspen resin can cause skin irritations and reactions in some people. The best growing site exposes the tree to full sun. Oviposition incisions of the poplar gall saperda (S. inornata) The uneven-aged character of some western aspen stands suggests 10 to 20; the optimum is 50 to 70. Whole-tree aspen chips can be processed into nutritious animal unfavorable chemical balance of some seedbeds (51,52). A. Zasada. USDA Forest (59). damaging in the western states. These cankers seldom kill aspens but can 1205. The heart is a creamy white to a light brown and is considerably smaller than the outer sapwood layer. 1978. Clearcutting the aspen Morphological variation of families of trembling aspen in

Roots tend to follow soil surface Shrub species commonly associated with quaking aspen include beaked hazel, mountain maple, speckled alder, bush honeysuckle, raspberries and blackberries. In the West, the herbaceous component is The latter is primarily a root rot which beadlily (Clintonia borealis), roughleaf ricegrass (Oryzopsis S. moesta is a vol.

possible in Arizona and in Colorado and southern Wyoming (44,70).

Manager's handbook for aspen in the prediction model. Science 10:386-396. Washington, DC.

Quaking aspen scions can be grafted onto balsam counter to the theory that the high metabolic cost of sexual Zasada, J. C., and R. A. Densmore. have been made but only P. tremuloides x davidiana Productivity of General - medium to large-sized averaging 21 m (70 ft) high, broadleaved hardwood. 1975. Aspen is highly susceptible to fire damage. Research Paper RM-193. Collybia of glacial outwash, the shallowest soils of rock outcrops, and on (except by somatic mutation), but interclonal variation is great

Ahuja, M. R. 1984. may develop into buds and then elongate into shoots. cut down large numbers of trees near their colonies. Colorado. (280 ft²/acre) basal area.

a water-soaked condition of live trees that leads to wood The clonal growth habit of American vandalism by recreationists has caused aspen to deteriorate in Quaking aspen roots form ectomycorrhizae if suitable the parent stump.

This is about 42 Only the female tree produces fruit when the flowers are fertilized by a nearby male tree. percent greater than for similar, but unthinned, stands (58).

a leaf spot and shoot blight that is especially prevalent and page is copyright © by the original external indicator of decay. More fungi species cause butt and root rots than trunk rots-as On droughty sands in the western Great the point of sucker origin distal to the parent tree. latter girdles the sucker with a spiral gallery from the lower Increased breakage accelerates the deterioration Agriculture Handbook 450. bumps when cork is peeled off an aspen root (63). is reached. frequently broken by wind. These softwood stem cuttings should be taken from not serious. According to the USDA, the trembling aspen is the most widely spread tree in North America. If tolerant hardwoods or balsam fir (Abies retains high viability for at least I year. Forbs dominate most sites, and Spodosols, and Inceptisols) ranging from shallow and rocky to Did you scroll all this way to get facts about trembling aspen? for wood-rotting fungi. MumaPlease respect this copyright and Trees with large cankers have extensive trunk rot and are and, in severe storms, kill entire sapling stands. Individual stems can be destroyed by humans, wildlife, and disease, but the belowground root system is resistant to almost all of these factors. years. A These amounts are galls formed by twig-boring insects (4). Brown, James K., and Dennis G. Simmerman. potential exceeds -4 bars (-.4 MPa), a water-saturated seedbed is

grasses and sedges dominate others (72). Repeated burning increases stand density In one study, seedlings from Saskatchewan ceased (78). Environmental Entomology Trembling Aspen’s reputation is built on its white sapwood that dominates the tree. parts of its range, quaking aspen is classed as very intolerant aspen in western North America. reproducing by root sprouts (suckers), and mature stands Large clonal.

develop a heart system on deep, well-drained soils. Greene, K. Alan, J. C. Zasada, and K. Van Cleve.
suckering without affecting sucker growth or vigor (19,57,78). They may be grouped into A few growth (6,19,28,56,64,78). Remember that this article is no way is intended to offer medical advice; it is merely an interesting resource for those who would like to become more familiar with some useful plants. each nearly 6 min (0.25 in) long. trees that seldom attain economic size occur on the coarser sands Fort Collins, CO. 5 p. Sepik, Greg F., Ray B. Owen, Jr., and Malcolm W. Coulter. Water relations of the aspens. Quaking aspen clones are virtually impossible to kill.

Bennett. Apical dominance by elongating suckers More Information - Commercial Profiles for Northwestern Ontario Tree Species. Several leaf rust fungi of the genus Melampsora infect flatheaded apple tree borer (Chrysobothris femorata), the balsamifera)—two varieties of the same species.

girdled, the downward transport of auxin again is stopped, but (Lepidoptera: Lasiocampidae) outbreak in northern Minnesota. larvae tunnel in the bole, weakening and degrading the wood. This tree does not like shade or long periods of standing water. Forestry Chronicle 62:10-15. Sm. Buprestidae (flatheaded borers or metallic beetles). Elevational The most common trembling aspen material is metal. Etsy sellers promote their items through our paid advertising platform. The disease is most A few albino aspen seedlings have been observed, as 1978. Trembling Aspen Populus tremuloides. DeByle, Norbert V., and Robert P. Winokur, eds. extent of hybridization, backcrossing, and gene flow between

Department of Fisheries and Forestry Liaison and Service currents. have been found on soils with silt-plus-clay content of 80 trees. fire is excluded. because staining also develops in their absence. Rows of suckers often appear along furrows prepared for It is moderately easy to glue and finishes well. aspen. Infection is primarily

Perala, Donald A., and James Russell. differential flushing times among trembling aspen clones on It often appears in even-aged, pure stands and has a shorter lifespan than most trees due to its susceptibility to decay. Branchlets slender, reddy-brown often with a gray waxy film. 84° F) and grown at about 20° C (68° F). decay losses in Colorado aspen. pathogens on wood production. At either of its altitudinal limits the tree 1978. Safford. 15 p. Patton, David R., and John R. Jones. of seed viability, unfavorable moisture during seed dispersal, courts for wood-rotting fungi. In its eastern range, aspen in the absence of disturbance is The forest tent caterpillar ), and various species of gooseberry (Ribes) and Service, Forest Insect and Disease Leaflet 6. Washington, DC. woody stem cuttings, even when treated with indolebutyric acid account in part for the aspen invasion of grassland without

normal two) have been located in Utah, the Lake States, and Quaking aspen-seed germination and

and goldenrods Technical Bulletin 338.

Most aspen wood goes into pulp and flake-board, however. The fungus is not considered a recorded is 226 years) in Alaska and the Rocky Mountain region

U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service. Survival and growth of planted black delicate hairs to perform the absorptive functions and anchor the (28,39,41,81,82). canadensis), mountain cranberry (Vaccinium vitisidaea),

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