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These poisons attack the nervous system and also paralyse the muscles of the heart and or the respitory system. They are snakes that move about at night. It cannot see properly since the transparent scale covering the eye becomes opaque. Snakes, especially cobras, Russell’s vipers and rat snakes, prey on the rats in the fields, mainly in the harvested paddy, which is stacked up prior to threshing, and in the store houses and thereby greatly reduce their populations. Python (Python molorus) -Pimbura in Sinhala and Malai pambu or Periya pambu in Tamil. The venom of the cobra and the Kraits are neurotoxic. Suddenly she shouted that an insect had bitten her. Snake-bites is included in the World Health Organization’s list of Neglected Tropical Diseases. They are aided by the broad ventral scales which they posses. Some snakes rub themselves against a rough surface and scrape off their skins.

Mr. Dissanayake (38), Deputy Principal of D.S.Senanayake College, Colombo and former Acting Principal of Ananda College, Colombo met his wife Chamindani(37) Assistant Manager at the State Mortgage Bank head office while they were reading for their degrees in Economics at the Colombo University and they got married in 2007. They wind themselves on trees like a vine or creeper. Snakes consume a variety of food depending on their size and their habitats. However, sea snakes should be treated, when encountered, with extreme caution. Also they are found in India, from almost sea level to an elevation of at least 1,829 m, the Peninsular to Western Ghats as far as 16° north latitude. The seven venomous snakes found in Sri Lanka are the Russell's Viper (thith polonga), Saw-scaled Viper (weli polonga), Hump-nosed Viper (kuna katuwa or polon thelissa), Cobra (nagaya), Common Krait (thel karawala), Ceylon Krait (magamaruwa) and Green-pit Viper (pala polonga).

The book ‘Snakes and Other Reptiles of Sri Lanka’ by Indraneil Das and Anslem de Silva is a good guide for beginners to identify snakes. Some other snakes are ovoviviparous in that the eggs develop in the stomach of the mother, who does not provide any nutrition to the developing young one. In Sri Lanka the Kukri Snake (Oligodon species) and Cat Snakes (Boiga species) are specialized in feeding on other reptiles and bird’s eggs. “Snakes were previously found in dry zones and were only limited to rural areas. ... [Kunakatuwua/Polon thelissa] *Binomial name:* *Hypnale hypnale* *Hypnale hypnal... 1 week ago Nature on camera by Asiri.

The strength of the venom depends on the chemical composition and the quantity contained in its venom gland at that time.

Health authorities should give their support to accelerate this process,”he said. There are two types of venom that snakes carry.

It constricts its prey by wrapping itself round the victim and squeezing the life out of it. For example, the ornate flying snake, Malsara in Sinhala, is a very pretty snake. They are light green in colour, which makes an effective camouflage. The latest statistics available with Health authorities indicate there were 58 deaths and 38,323 hospital admissions in 2008. According to Prof. Fernando the following steps should be taken in case of snake bite, until the patient is taken to hospital: © Copyright 1996 - 2011 | Wijeya Newspapers Ltd.Colombo. Agriculturalists have realized that snakes play an important role in controlling agricultural pests.

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