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Star system. The description is based on the spectral class. The outer atmosphere has an effective temperature of around 35,000 K, giving it the characteristic blue glow of a hot O-type star. Meissa is a star that can be located in the constellation of Orion. The secondary star, Lambda Orionis B, is a blue-white main-sequence star of spectral type B0.5 V. Meissa is the 11 th brightest star in Orion, and it marks the head of Orion, the celestial hunter. Meissa is located at around 1,100 light-years / 340 parsecs away from the Sun. The Lambda Orionis system is composed of a luminous blue giant star of the spectral type O8 III and a blue-white main sequence star with the stellar classification B0.5 V. Lambda Orionis A is the brighter component, with an apparent magnitude of 3.54. Meissa is a giant star with a stellar classification of O8 III and an apparent visible magnitude 3.54. Meissa is a main star of the constellation outline. Meissa Facts.

Meissa (Lambda Orionis), image: Wikisky. The primary star, Meissa, is a giant star of stellar classification O8 II. Based on the spectral type (O...) of the star, the star's colour is blue - white. It is an enormous star with about 28 times the mass of the Sun and 10 times the Sun's radius.
Meissa is a soft X-ray source with a luminosity of 10 erg s and peak emission in the energy range of 0.2–0.3 keV, which suggests the X-rays are probably being generated by the stellar wind.

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