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use Bluebird to pay bills you can’t normally pay with a credit card.

Scroll to the end of the terms and conditions, click on the check box next to “I agree to the Vanilla Reload Terms & Conditions”. I even call ahead and the stupid associates said its working but when i got there it’s not. That’s a bummer. That does not seem like a good deal… or do you buy online and get cashback or some sort of deal?? Find him on Twitter @travelwithgrant. Bluebird has a $1,000 daily reload limit and a $5,000 monthly reload limit. So how much money needs to be on the prepaid gift card to be able to load a blue bird card? If you know of a better deal, or disagree with our reasoning please contact us and if appropriate changes will be made.

hope the visa cards work better. Supposedly there is risk of getting it shut down if you simply flush money through it, but if you take some cash out here and there at ATMs and use the BillPay to pay actual bills (vs writing yourself a check immediately) it should be fine. Has online BillPay just like BB. Grant is an expert in frequent flyer miles, hotel loyalty points, credit card rewards, and cash back deals. I think after a few minutes (5-10 maybe), the machine will let you load more. I didn’t get to the POS terminal so I can’t confirm if what MilesToMemories claimed but the management is definitely enforcing it. Loaded my Bluebird today with a Visa Prepaid Gift Card (Vanilla), and did the transaction on-line at the Bluebird website and worked fine. You load your Bluebird card (which you can order online) with a points earning debit card at Wal-Mart. I think people do $499.99 on the 4th reload to avoid being locked out. The 2nd nearest WM with the Money Center ATM is like 20 miles away, not wort of wasting gas if that doesn’t work either. Have you ever been able to get a MC GC to work previously?

Went to 4 different registers and then the Customer Service Center and all 5 times it did not accept my swiped One Vanilla cards. Best Current Credit Card Sign Up Bonuses &... View Your Pre-Approved & Pre-Qualified Credit... Best High Yield Savings Accounts – up to 5% APY.

Signing up for credit cards through partner links earns us a commission. Note:   American Express gift cards can NOT be used to load Bluebird. Slide your card through the credit card reader. Many times, my Metabank cards, the $200 cards purchased online via Staples, were not accepted. You can buy gift cards with a credit card to earn miles and points, then load the gift card onto your Bluebird account at Walmart. And then load the gift card onto Bluebird. The decision appears rooted in misguided Homeland Security gibberish she spouted off about money laundering. Buy the Right Gift Card. To load Bluebird with a Visa, MasterCard, or American Express Gift Card, you will need: You will have to experiment with different gift cards to find out which ones have PINs. I’ll report then. Just tell the cashier you want to do multiple transactions then for your Bluebird or Serve Card. It all happened so quick! Not sure if that paper is a corporate memo or store-specific rule. Beth – I’ve never been able to get a MC GC to work. Today I got all the way to confirming the amount to load on-screen; swiped the card; but a signature panel would appear for a few seconds as if it were a credit card transaction; then it disappears quickly and the payment is not approved. Worked today (6/3/2014) at Walmart without any hassle. The loading works just fine, but they charge you another $3.74 per load.

You can get a very nice return by using the Citi Hilton HHonors Reserve Card (amongst others) because you earn a free weekend night after spending $10,000 within 1 calendar year AND will get 30,000 Hilton points since each $1 spent earns 3 Hilton points! As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Citi Partners With Mastercard To Offer ‘True... A Beginners Guide To Bank Account Bonuses [2020... Best Bank Account Bonuses For October, 2020.

I called with my cell from the parking lot to activate the card and set the pin. Slide your gift card though the credit card reader.

Many stores sell these cards, including CVS, grocery stores, gas stations, and office supply stores. i will try at another wallmart tomorrow and see what happens, but i am not sure the mastercards work. 7 Money Mistakes to Avoid as a First Time Budgeter, 4 Ways to Get Cash During the COVID-19 Pandemic, Things You Should Know About the Exit of Trade, How To Manage Your Inventory For More Control, Colorado Gambles on Blockchain to Solve Lottery Problems. One alternative used by people who either can’t qualify for a credit card or choose not to use credit cards is to rely on a reloadable card — also known as a prepaid card. I’ve been to 3 different local WalMart stores, and they all let me load my Bluebird with store-bought Visa gift cards.

I wrote an eight part series on the perks of Big Spending on a credit card – from hotel elite status, bonus points, airline elite status to companion passes. It’s pretty easy: don’t use OVGCs or VGCs, only use Visa and MasterCard US Bank and Metabank GCs.

Is Opening A Bank Account A Soft Or Hard Pull? The PIN most favored, was simply the last four digits of the card number. Good luck! Faster access compared to standard tax refund electronic deposit and subject to IRS submitting refund information to the bank before release date. That is her new policy as of 2 weeks ago. You are looking for a card that looks like this (click to enlarge), top image is the front of the card and second image is the back. Advertiser Disclosure: Travel with Grant is an independent, advertising-supported web site. maybe ssn or God knows what.

You then load your American Express Bluebird with the Vanilla Reload card and use your Bluebird for transactions for which you don’t usually earn miles and points – rent, mortgages, ATM withdrawals, paying bills by checks, etc. Grant, what is the largest denomination of US Bank + MetaBank Gift Cards I can buy? You should get a receipt for the transaction. However, the United Club card has a $395 annual fee, but does get you free access to United Clubs, 2 free bags, waived late ticketing fees, and Premier Access. ….

And we’re proud of our content, opinions and analysis, and of our reader’s comments.

Went to WM today and the cashier said I could only have one transaction per card.

Do NOT buy American Express gift cards, because they can’t be used to load Bluebird!

There are no fees to down load money if its automatic deposit ... Credit cards by ... they just use the sub-account Blue Bird card!! I’d go as far as to say is should be a VISA gift card. Calendar month: April 1 through April 30. There are lots of different cards to use to buy Vanilla Reload packs and they prevent large amounts of spending on just 1 card which could arouse suspicion. If you’re loading Bluebird at a cashier, make sure you refer to the gift card as a debit card. ), Amex airline fee credit: What it is and how to use it. No….I had an issue with the very first card (which eventually was used later on and worked fine).

You earn 1 free weekend night & 30,000 Hilton points after spending $10,000 within 1 card membership year on the Citi Hilton Reserve. A card membership year is a 12 month period starting from when you are approved for the card and ending 12 months later – and then another 12 month card membership year begins. That’s 3X points in addition to the 2X points you already earn on travel.
I’m hearing that BB loads with OV cards is now dead as of yesterday. This tutorial will show you how to load a bluebird account with Walmart using Visa/MasterCard or American Express gift cards. Terms apply to the offers listed on this page. Vanilla Visa gift cards are easiest because you can set the PIN the 1st time you use it. These haven’t been reviewed, approved or endorsed by any of the airlines, hotels, or credit card issuers which we often write about. You can help support this site by using our links to Amazon & eBay. Editorial Note: We're the Million Mile Secrets team.

Why Does Everyone Hate Jury Duty So Much? Update on the tactical effort of loading BB with One Vanilla cards at Walmart: (1) The self service kiosk at the Customer Service area always cuts me off when trying to perform the 4th consecutive $500 load (I use several BBs). Also, you can search for Walmart ATMs here. The Citi ThankYou Premier offers 2 Thank You points per $1 spent for the 1st 24 months. WM seems to choke on MC cards often. So your cost for spending $30,000 is $237 (60 Vanilla Reload packs X $3.95) which earns you 45,000 Delta miles + 15,000 elite miles. Then click the Debit box on the screen. Walmart Money center desk had a paper saying you cannot load Serve/Bluebird with Credit cards or debit cards without a name on them. What have your experiences been loading Bluebird with a gift card at Walmart? I did an experiment first with $20 dollars and worked fine, then I transfer $100 and worked fine. yea i had the same problem before few month ago. I’ve heard of some little on-screen tricks people have to use to get the PIN panel to appear, but I didn’t see any options on my screen. Transactions at non-MoneyPass ® ATMs have a $2.50 American Express fee. Living Within Your Means and Paying Down Debt, Factors Affecting the Value of a Painting.

You need to go to the Vanilla website first and enter your card info, in order to set the zip code, then you go to the Bluebird website and configure the debit card info from the visa card you want to take money from. There are NO VISA Simon Mall Gift Cards in Boston! I hit my max on BB loads and went to Walmart to do the same loads but only to an H&R Block Emerald card. Before you read this how to guide, we suggest you read the following pages so you have an understanding of what a vanilla reload is, what a bluebird account is and how they’d be useful in increase your credit card spend. Responses have not been reviewed, approved or otherwise endorsed by the bank advertiser.

That is a bummer. but it takes time so I do what I can using the self service kiosk first before going to a register. And we're proud of our content, opinions and analysis, and of our reader's comments. The $5000 monthly limit for loading VISA via WM to BB is 30 day moving or 30 calendar days?? Let’s say you spend $20,000 annually to buy Vanilla Reload cards. Because Walmart Giftcards can be purchased with credit cards it’s now possible to purchase a giftcard (and receive bonus points/miles or hit a minimum spend requirement) and then load that card onto a bluebird account. Just had to liquidate them into MOs somewhere else. Editorial Note: We're the Million Mile Secrets team. Hope that helps! [Targeted] AmEx Offer: Macy’s, Spend $60+ &... Starbucks: $20 Giftcard For $15 When You Use A... [YMMV] Postmates: 50% Off With Promo Code LINEBACKER. It prompts for a store associate to login….

Scroll to the end of the terms and conditions, click on the check box next to “I agree to the Vanilla Reload Terms & Conditions”. Nobody at Walmart knew why this was.

Regarding comments: Comments posted at the bottom of Travel with Grant pages and posts are not provided or commissioned by the bank advertiser. Bank Accounts That Can Be Funded With A Credit Card, List Of Methods Banks Count As Direct Deposits. That’s the type of fraud they are trying to prevent. A Red Ventures Company.

Check it out to see which perk matters the most to you and use that credit card when buying Vanilla Reloads at Office Depot! For example, 80,000 points are worth $1,000 toward travel.

Logan, how do you load your OV, at the cashier or the ATM??? Any advice given does not constitute a relationship and is by no means fact. The information and advice given on this site is only an opinion and should be confirmed with a finance or tax professional.

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