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The actions discussed here are based on my direct clinical experience. The freshly cut wood is white, but gradually turns to a red colour. First Aid/Acute Injury Herb Differentials. Alder is historically associated with the treatment of scrofula and syphilis, both diseases that deeply affect and eventually derange the lymphatic system. While there are other, more dependable ways ways of definitively identifying the tree (see the information below on differentiating flowers), one of the easiest features is the scent. Young trees have smooth silvery bark and older tree bark is often patched with white lichen, moss, and dark spots. [/feature] Identifying trees is a viable part of forestry. See my recent blogpost on Alder’s potential use in COVID-19 right here. It is clean burning and non-crackling. It seems specifically suited for head/tooth/gum pain when used internally and general topical pain relief. It cleanses the liver and you know, the liver controls everything else.”. [/feature] Forest Tree Planting: How to Plant Forest Trees. It is a large shrub or small tree 3–12 m tall with smooth grey bark even in old age. Learn where you can find certain species, how their leaves, flowers, and fruits look like and taste! World Checklist of Selected Plant Families Database in ACCESS: 1-216203. They contain tiny fruit called winged nutlets that are built for wind travel. I believe it has something in common with Redroot (Ceanothus spp.) menthifolia (fresh flowering tops, 1:2, 95%), 1/2 ml every 3-4 hours. I often use Alder leaves in place of where many would reach for Plantain leaves when treating venomous stings and bites as well as simple wounds, splinters and scrapes. Alterative & Lymphatic: Directing the Flow & Strengthening the Inner Ecology, “This agent combines both alterative and tonic astringent properties. It’s my impression and experience that Alder tends to treat surface inflammation most effectively when used alone and works well with other herbs that help to drive it deeper, especially with warming counterirritants such as Arnica, Goldenrod and Cottonwood. Older bark is grayish to reddish brown, smooth with scattered pale horizontal lenticels. Treatment was a tincture formula of 1 part Elderberry (Sambucus neomexicana, dried berries, 1:5 40%), 1 part Alnus oblongifolia (freshly dried twigs, catkins and cones, 1:5, 50%) and 1/4 part Ginger root (fresh rhizome, 1:2, 95%), 1/3 ml 4x/day. The app is for IOS only, and it only includes a database of trees found in the Northeastern United States. Opposite leaves (whether simple or compound) are located directly across from one another on the same stem. #Real Christmas Tree Guide

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