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to live in forests, woodlands, grassy areas and humid places that are almost 2500 m above the sea level. They grow up to 2.7 m in size and can easily be found in and around Ivory

they go in search of food at nights, though you can see them during the day as well.

The lower side of its body has a yellow color while it is covered with yellow stripes from the above. The Cape Cobra may stand its ground if threatened and is quick to form a hood. They are found in places that are

but, afterwards, when the poison gets penetrated into the body and damages different systems like nervous system, tissues and The mortality rate ranges from 75 to 100 percent. These snakes are extremely active and are capable

As a matter of fact, the Bothrops Jararacussu is one of the top 10 most dangerous While these snakes are active, you would always find them hanging from the trees in any thick forest in Brazil Copyrights 2013 - 2019 Liveanimalslist.com, Wireless Invisible Dog Fence: A New Way to Keeping Your Pup Safe, Pet Care Essentials Your Home Must - Have, Things You Must Be Aware Of Against Dog Attacks, Largest Birds of Prey in the World by Size and Weight. In general the Indian Cobra is not aggressive and, if you do not disturb, it will move away silently. at a time.

It is because it gives good warning that snake–chambers can handle it easily. its poison contains substances that are very harmful for brain and nerves as well. Jararacussu is another poisonous snake that can be easily found in Brazil, Paraguay, Bolivia, Argentina and surroundings. Before the availability of antivenum medications, there were no chances of survival from the deadly bite of the snake, that is why, it is also known as “the kiss of death”. Most of these are purely terrestrial but some of Concerning their food, they like to eat small birds and tiny mammals. It can kill 150 people with one bite and its mortality rate ranges from 40 to 92 percent. other organs. snakes in the world. These snakes are found, in abundance, in the named as The Fierce Snake. The venom of this deadly creature can cause sudden death of the victim. They prefer to live in Terciopelo is scientifically known as Bothrops asper and Fer-de-lance is one of its common names. injection of their poison can lead to sudden death of the victim, if not managed quickly and properly. Inactive during the day time, Also, these are commonly known as highly intelligent cobra species. It is no wonder that people are scared of these snakes, as they are so deadly. Black Mamba, also known as Common Mamba, is considered as the longest poisonous snake in the African continent. grassy areas, tropical forests, semitropical lands and farm areas of Brazil. Concerning their habitat, they like to rest in jungles, small holes, termite homes, holes of rats and victim and thus leaving very little or no chance for the victim to be cured. Common Pet Emergencies And What You Should Do? They belong to... Buffalo is a member of the animal kingdom and belongs to class mammalia. places, one should be very careful While visiting any forest in Brazil and other

By: Firduos Nadia | 19 , Mar 2013 | Intersting Animals. female jararaca mostly gives birth to 20 baby snakes, at a time. There is undoubtedly some justification about Cobra's notoriety, as it is responsible for about a quarter of the snake-bite deaths recorded in India in the past some years. The forest cobras are found in two different species, namely, black cobra and black-lipped or white-lipped cobra.

When it attacks anyone, the poison straightaway starts destroying the tissues of the Regarded as one of the most aggressive species of snakes in the world, they attack the victim with unbelievable speed and ferocity. they are hardly harmful for humans in the day time. the day time. Moreover, they like to have tiny lizards, insects, birds, rabbits, frogs and geckos. They are very dangerous to humans as the The forest cobras are found in two different species, namely,

These snakes are very large, that is, almost 8 feet in length. The King cobra and Black mamba is extremely venomous snake around the world which is also famous for its exclusive look. They can be easily found in hot areas of Australia, Full Name: Forest Cobra (Naja melanuleuca / subfulva ….Classification: VERY DANGEROUS This is one of Africa’s largest cobras and may exceed 2.7 m in length. The forest cobras like Scientifically, It is extremely poisonous and contains almost 800 mg of poison in one bite. them may be found climbing the trees. Genus Bothrops and Species B. jaraca. They also like to feed on certain other tiny mammals. Moreover, Members of this species, which grow to eight feet in length, are native to central Africa.

In India the genus Daboia is represented by the single species of snakes, commonly known as the Russell's viper. these animals are categorized under the Kingdom Animalia, Phylum Chordata, Class Reptilia, Family Viperidae, above the sea level. Lionfish is a chordate which belongs to the family...read more, Cuttlefish is a mollusk which belongs to the class...read more, Do you know how, in the floor of an ocean, an octopus...read more, Sea urchins are tiny water creatures found in oceans...read more, Famous for its distinctive crown of...read more, The beautiful Roseate Spoonbill...read more.

This much amount of poison is enough to kill 30 plus people There are almost thirty various kinds of dangerous and poisonous snakes in Australia and the places like that. Coast, Ghana, Nigeria, Cameroon, Gabon, Congo and few other similar places where there are thick forests. of these poisonous and dangerous snakes to avoid all sorts of unfortunate incidents.

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