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Culinary Training

Cultivating creativity and independence through culinary craft. Cooking is an outlet as well as a mechanism for making a living. We hope to foster growth and individual

goals for all who come into our training program.

In our new culinary studio we are training our clients in order to work in any food establishment. We hope these skills can be utilized to secure a stable income. Our workshop aims to teach teamwork, creativity, and other important job skills.

Culinary certification is a process of skills training for survivors. By utlizing community partners, we are able to accommodate 12 women at a time in our culinary program. We desired smaller class sizes so each woman was able to get one on one attention. We want our training to be of the highest quality. Vheneka teaches survivors knife skills, baking, recipe literacy, and many more essential tools. At the end of training, the women will have the skills to work in a commerical kitchen or open a business of their own.This support helps expand survivors’s options for employment while also empowering them. The ability to make a culinary product strengthens your sense of worth and makes you more confident to step back into the world. 

Help us break the chain of prostitution and trafficking!

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