Culinary Training begins at Vheneka Ethel June 27, 2019
Culinary Training begins at Vheneka

On June 26th 2019, we were able to begin our culinary training for 10 women. With the helpful assistance of Pauline Koen, culinary professor at UCT, the women were taught introductory knife and cutting skills. Learning terms like “dicing”, “julienne”, and “chiffonade” will later allow the women to understand recipes.

These skills will translate into the workplace as these women finish training, receive certification, and ensure employers of their cooking capabilities.

At Vheneka, we believe that each of these women have an inherent value in society. Through skills training, we give women the confidence to enter the workforce with adequate knowledge. This way the women are properly equipped to exit prostitution and work towards a brighter future. Now that we have made our first steps, we are hopeful for the success of all 10 women who participated.

We are extremely thankful for our support from Pauline, donors, donators, and volunteers. This assistance allows us to focus on our main vision: to systematically change the lives of women who have been disadvantaged and given no other choice but to engage in sex work.