Vheneka AGM 2021 Ethel December 19, 2021
Vheneka AGM 2021

The Vheneka AGM for 2021 happened on 18 December, with Board Members, staff and supporters of Vheneka meeting to review the financials and celebrate the wins of the organisation.

This year we amended our constitution to include the support of survivors of Gender Based Violence (GBV). “The shadow pandemic” as the UN Women call it, confinement due to the pandemic has worsened this heinous crime against women and girls.  UN Women has called for shelters and helplines for women to be considered an essential service for every country with specific funding and broad efforts made to increase awareness about their availability.

To the women that we are able to serve, may your journey with us be a compassionate one, filled with a renewed vigor for life.

Donavon Goliath – Chairperson

We thank every person that attended, and that supported us and our beneficiaries  this year.

To the numerous other donators, inclusive of those made in kind, whether you think it was significant or not, we appreciate it and be assured that it made a difference.