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Restoration of Human Dignity



Dignity is a human right. By helping survivors of prostitution acquire skills, we give them options through which they can sustain themselves without resorting to selling their bodies. 


Our Mission

To provide psychosocial support services, a transitional shelter, and skills building programme to assist women to exit prostitution, as a pilot programme that is sustainable and replicable across the country.


A Shona term that translates to ‘illuminate’ which reflects our intentions to work with survivors, to restore their self-confidence, to affirm their dreams as being valid and achievable, and  to illuminate or shine light on otherwise seemingly dim situations.

Our Vision

To end the cycle of poverty by empowering women economically and psychologically, in the hopes of creating a world in which each woman is granted human dignity.


Vheneka is a Cape Town based non-governmental organization established in May 2017. Our primary role is to offer direct services to marginalized women focusing on survivors of prostitution and sex-trafficking. We utilize a two-pronged interventions method, namely psycho-social support and skills training to help those we serve best.

Vheneka’s main objective with regards to  service delivery to the marginalized group of survivors of prostitution and sex trafficking, is that our Skills Building Initiative programme ultimately acts as a pilot project that is sustainable and replicable.

It should be noted that the organization’s viewpoint with respect to the women that we render services to; are to be viewed and referred to as prostituted women and not prostitutes. We strongly believe that no individual has the desire to become a prostitute or views prostitution as a career choice. It should rather be a position that individuals find themselves in due to poverty and /or other extenuating circumstances

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Because it takes a village to make more impactful change, we do not work in isolation. We have and continue to develop symbiotic relationships with other organizations and entities.

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